Celo validator roundup, December 2020

December, not so quiet month for Crypto and DeFI but a pretty quiet one for the Celo network.


December was the first month when amount of locked CELO slightly decreased at the end of it, compared to the beginning of the month. However, locked and voting CELO amount is still quite large, thus “Target APY” is expected to continue to decrease as it has since launch.

Registrations & Attestations

Creation of new registered accounts has accelerated a bit this month. Number of registered accounts almost doubled in December. Numbers are still very small to do much statistics on them but this is certainly a welcome news.

Improvements can be seen in attestation success rates too. We can see that in second half of December attestation failure rates have remained below 30% consistently. While this is still quite high, progress is always a good sign. Looking forward to further improvements in 2021.

Validator Performance

December was a quiet month for most of the validator groups. Network remained stable and only few validator groups had uptime issues. We still had one group that crossed the slashing threshold:

  • Alpha Virtual: Since this group had back-to-back slashing events within a week time frame, at some point their rewards rate was reduced to only 1/4th of the regular rewards.

As seen on the graph above, only 4 groups had some sort of a major issue this month:

Next up…

With this, we close out year 2020 and look forward to new developments in 2021.

Meanwhile, we urge all community members to checkout the proposal to activate the Community Fund here: https://forum.celo.org/t/discussion-for-cgp-0017-activation-of-celo-community-fund/692